① Fuji quality is ensured
The tea leaves picked at the foot of Mt.Fuji are blessed with nature...
fresh air, clean water and a temperate environment that is a perfect match
for the growing and production of green tea.
These characteristics all contribute to the extremely high quality of our products.
② We listen to our customers
We offer products that are carefully tailored to the diversifying needs of our
customers, in terms of quality, price and quantity. Please feel free to contact
us at any time. We would like to hear from you.
③ 30 years of study to create a perfect tea - rich and delicious
Flavor of some Japanese tea begins to weaken as you work your way through
the pot. In pursuit of a finely crafted, aromatic tea, for more than 30 years
we have studied this characteristic.
Our tea has a well deserved reputation among our customers for its rich,
delicious taste...even as you enjoy a second cup.