Comprehensive tracking.
Authentication and acquisition of FSSC22000.
Three decades of a strong relationship of
trust with contract farmers.
With the greatest care,
Our safety and quality is
the best you can find anywhere.

Three secrets of delicious tea

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Strict tracking

"Based on a green tea raw material safety written oath, we thoroughly control and strictly observe the days when agricultural chemicals are used, the concentration used and number of applications, and the number of days before the harvest. We also make documentation of the cultivation history mandatory and implement inspection for radioactive material."

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Strength behind the good taste

The foot of Mt.Fuji has harsh natural conditions with frequent fogs and fierce temperature swings. Tea leaves grow stronger in such conditions and in the process gain the distinctive deep taste of a finely aged aroma and ingredients, as well as the characteristic of holding their flavor for a long period of time. This is a miracle of nature and proof of the vitality of the tea leaves grown here.

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More eco-friendly and lower cost
through use of advanced technology

Through comprehensive reviews of our tea-making process and rationalization of the work process, we achieved improved efficiency, higher quality and lower costs.In this way we improved and expanded our production base. allowing us to introduce the latest technology.Through this effort, we are able to manufacture an ideal refined, deep-steamed mountain tea.